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every birth carries a story

pelvic health is its own story
Dr Jen Kinder - Pelvic Health


Working to change the paradigm of Women's Health. 


Let's get women re-connected.


Dr. Kinder provides consultation, talks/workshops, retreats, and research expertise in the area of Women's Health. She works collectively with community groups, businesses, industry, healthcare and educational institutions to assist in comprehensive and long-lasting recovery for women. Be it through consultation, talks/workshops, retreats, or research she provides the community the know-how to serve women best. 


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I am proviting consultation services for Women's health focussing on pelvic health & more

Dr Jen Kinder - Pelvic Health


Join one of my Workshops to learn more about ways to improve your personal well-being


Join me on one of my 3 to 5 day retreats so I can help you learn more about alternative ways to increase the health of body &mind.

Dr Jen Kinder Pelvic Health Retreat

Clinical Care

Book an individual appointment to assess your personal pelvic health and receive customized treatment.

Dr Jen Kinder - Clinical Pelvic Health Treatment
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