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Talks & Workshops

I regularly provide workshops throughout the community. Contact me at to set up a workshop at your place of business, studio, University, or institute today!

Want to build comaraderie amongst your team? I can't think of a better way! I love holding space for women to get the answers they deserve. 

OR Join a workshop!

Postpartum Level 1: Are you 6 weeks to 6 yrs (+!) postpartum? Did you mean to do pelvic floor and core rehab and just never got around to it? Having a baby can take a toll on one's core and pelvic floor muscles. This class is designed to help heal diastasis-recti, incontinence, body discomfort, and a weakened core. Re-educate the body to find it's true core muscles! This 4 week session meets by Zoom 1 hr/ week with recordings provided. $97

Peri/Menopause Pelvic Health: As women enter this phase things can change “down there.” Learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor and core to combat common peri/menopausal conditions like urinary urgency, frequency, pain with intercourse, and decreased overall fitness. This 4 week course meets by Zoom 1 hr per week. Recordings will be provided. To register contact; $97.

UCSF Pelvic Health Series: Held at Oberndorf Theater

Part 1: The Invisible Body Part Aug 2023

Part 2: Coming soon Dec 5, 1-2pm 2023! Join my newsletter to be the first to register!



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