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Combining our passions for wellness and health, I serve to engage and pamper our participants with all things good health. 

See below for past and future retreats. Email me to connect about running retreats together, for your group, or to register for a retreat.

Thyme Retreats and my dear colleague Dr. Sarah Rothman ND, LAc.

We explored the miraculous adrenal glands during our "Adrenal Health" retreat, celebrated Women during our "Awaken Retreat," we have so much more in store! 

To register for a spot in our next retreat please click here:

The Butterfly Effect Retreat - Women's Empowerment Retreat with Positive Psychologist extraordinaire Dr. Aymee Coget PhD

Transform from the inside out. Want to break free from the negativity you tell yourself? Just can't seem to shake it? Want a change in your life and need the steps on exactly how to do that? Join us! Walk away empowered and ready to take on life in a whole new - positive- way.

To register for a spot visit:


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