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Rehab Fitness Clinics are semi-private rehab fitness classes limited to 5 people.


These classes provide hands-on assessment and facilitation of exercises during class. Initial assessment is followed by facilitation of appropriate and safe exercises, to strengthen and re-connect to the deep core muscles.


"Clinics" are limited in the number of participants to ensure each participant gets hands-on facilitation to learn the exercises. Exercise starts with neuromuscular re-education. Jennifer provides the right cueing for your body to educate itself for the learned exercise. The Rehab Fitness Clinics are appropriate for those who have had chronic or repetitive motion injuries in the past, have had physical therapy, and/or would like to learn preventative exercises.

Each Rehab Fitness Clinic is 4 weeks long, meeting one time per week for one hour. A handout is given at each class and participants walk away with an organized, thoroughly explained home exercise program. Modifications are given as needed to meet each participant's individual needs.

Diastasis Recti Recovery (Ab & PF) Clinic:

Designed for mamas 6 weeks to 6 years (+!) postpartum. Having a baby can take a toll on one's core musculature. This class is designed to help heal diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, and a weak core. Re-educate the body to find its true deep core musculature.

In addition to initial and final assessment of participants' diastasis recti, participants learn how to find and use their deep core and pelvic floor muscles with everyday activity. Body mechanics specific to a mama's needs are also covered in this course.

Hands-on assessment

Meets 1 hr/ week for 4 weeks

Semi-private group sessions

Handout of exercises

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Rehab Fitness Clinics

Please note: No refunds are given for clinics. If requested 2 weeks prior to the start of class, payment can be transferred to a future clinic or towards a private session and must be used within the year (365 days) from the date payment was received. Requests must be sent to

Rehab Fitness Clinics
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